If you touch a hair on his head…


Yesterday Caspar had his first haircut. I was adamant I would never cut his beautiful red curls – well maybe not until he started school, anyway – and if anyone so much as suggested it I got (perhaps unnecessarily, I realise now!) defensive. He was bald for his first year so I didn’t want to chop it too soon, but last week he started to complain of his hair being in his eyes. I pinned it back with errant hair grips from my handbag, but I knew what had to be done!

Luckily a family friend is a hairdresser and has a son around Caspar’s age so has had a lot of practice cutting wriggly kids’ hair. The first bit involved plastering his head in conditioner and combing it through, which I offered to do, worried he might go rabid on our pal if she did it. It was no mean feat! He had actual dreadlocks in some places, and there was a lot of squirming and a bit of crying as his lovely auntie Charlotte tried to soothe him as I did it.

He sat on Charlotte’s lap while the deed was done. Knowing he would need ‘medicine’ to get him through the ordeal, I armed him with chocolate buttons. Is there anything those delicious chocolate treats can’t fix?! Happily it didn’t take too long. The talented stylist trimmed his fringe and levelled it out at the back where it was starting to look a bit mullet-esque. She also took a bit off his “wings” so he looks less like a clown/tufty old man now!


Ta-da! All finished, and looking much smarter. I doubt I will ever opt to have his hair much shorter than this. His hair is so beautiful and while he is too young to choose his own hairstyles I will keep his lovely red curly mop as long as I can without it affecting his vision. Until he gets nits, or gets experimental with the craft scissors, anyway.

So I now have a little curl (and a dreadlock) for the posterity box. And I didn’t even cry! I’m impressed with both of us. How did you feel about your kid’s first haircut? I’m hoping I’m not the only parent ever to be so precious about their baby’s beautiful hair! (Also, the dreadlocks annoyed my mum in-law, which always made me chuckle.)

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2 thoughts on “If you touch a hair on his head…

  1. Well done for not crying. I probably would have broken down in tears, then grabbed the scissors and potentially stabbed someone as I made a swift exit… Mine is 2 in December and I’m basically refusing to cut hers until she’s… like 5, maybe? lol

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